InCham Objectives

InCham Cambodia acts as the advisory platform to guide Indian Investments into Cambodia and vice versa. There is a need for promoting foreign investments in Cambodia in a structured manner and provide quality input and support services to the investors. Some of the services the members can expect are following:

  • Consulting & lobbying with government on key issues related to doing business in Cambodia
  • InCham Cambodia participates in various gov. and non-government working groups and helps in prepare studies, working papers, initiatives and suggestions for regulations to improve government & business relations and conditions of doing business in Cambodia
  • InCham Cambodia represents the views of the business community in the Kingdom of Cambodia on doing business in Cambodia
  • InCham Cambodia endeavors to improve access of Indian Business to the Cambodian market
  • Provides services to Members relating to Economic, Legal, Technical, Financial, Market and other Business issues in India and Cambodia
  • Provides information to investors related to their industry and possible partners in Cambodia
  • Facilitates the creation of strategic alliances between SME’s and other Large scale enterprises of Cambodia and Indian States
  • Promotes a strong Indian Business identity vis-à-vis the Cambodian business community
  • Promotes strong ties with FICCI, CII, Cambodia Chamber of Commerce, FASMEC, International Chambers and various Business Groups and Associations in Cambodia for the promotion of the interests of companies
  • Conduct and arrange various networking sessions among members, non-members and members of interest groups.
  • Conduct various Seminars, Conferences, Talk Shows, Knowledge Series and related business events.
  • And many more…


To promote India-Cambodia economic, trade and bilateral relations and vice-versa.


Promoting Foreign Investments in Cambodia from India in a focused, comprehensive, and structured manner while acting as a first reference point to provide quality input and support services to the prospective foreign investors.

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